About us

About Us

Hide and seek in the woods. Photo: WTPL (12418) / Nicholas Spurling © Woodland Trust

Our Vision

We want to see a country rich in native woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone

Our aims

1 Work with others to plant more native trees…
See if we can help fund your tree planting project. Photo: WTPL (1608) / Matt Limb We’ve set up many different schemes to help people plant trees
Find out how we can help you
Kids getting down to work. Photo: WTPL (14161) / Niall Benvie We’ve inspired nearly two million children to plant more than seven million trees
Encourage your kids to get planting
Sapling. Photo: WTPL (6517) / EA Janes © Woodland Trust We’re busy planting the forests of the future. Every tree we plant costs us £15
How can you help us?
Heartwood Forest in waiting. Photo: WTPL (16768) / CTP Photography We’re planting Britain’s largest new native forest just a stone’s throw from London
Become a part of tree planting history
2 Protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future…
We fight to preserve woodland like this for the future. Photo: WTPL (3247) / Steven Kind We campaign to protect woodland and trees under threat
Help save native woodland
We fight many campaigns to prevent harm to our native woodland. Photo: WTPL (15598) / Nick Cobbing We have helped to save hundreds of woods by lobbying governments and councils
How do we do this?
Enjoy exploring our woods. Photo: WTPL (746) / Nicholas Spurling We’re fighting to replace non-native conifers planted in ancient forests with native trees
Help us to improve wildlife habitat
Spot ancient trees like this. Photo: WTPL (11735) / Steven Kind With your help we’ve located more than 41,000 ancient trees so we can help protect them
Spot ancient trees in your area
3 Inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees…
Children become nature detectives. Photo WTPL (23983) / Dave Bonsall We have loads of activities, games and free days out for children
Kids – become Nature Detectives
Take a look at our interactive maps We have information, pictures, interactive maps and much more for each of our woods
Visit one of our woods
Keep up-to-date with Nature's Calendar. Photo: WTPL (25334) / Katherine Jaiteh Discover when tree leaves begin to appear, flowers bloom and migrant birds first arrive
Keep up to date with Nature’s Calendar



Get involved with us…

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By joining the Woodland Trust you can help us to plant new native trees and fight to save woodland under threat
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